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Additional services

Storage and dry cleaning

Off-season storage in a fur fridge

Our professional experience sayswith certainty that there is no better rest for your fur product than a specialized fur fridge. We providebasic conditions for proper care of the fur:the optimum humidity (45-65%) and low temperature (from + 5 ° C to - 5 ° C), the comfortable placement in a spacious fridge and the absence of sunlight, that affects the durability of fur.

Specialized fur dry cleaning

One of the exclusive services that should be put intoprofessionals’hands only is fur dry cleaning. Theprocess involves the removal of contaminants, the treatment of various pests, and also the removal of bad odors, coating with antistatic, and other procedures that allow you keep the product in perfect condition.

Individual tailoring

Creating an individual fur item is an exclusive work, which you and our mastersput heart and soul into! As a true professionals we are always ready for experiments, so, with a help of Tykafurlux designers, you can change or create a completely new fur product you dreamed about!

Reconstruction (remodeling)

The remodeling service is a new life for your fur coat. Fashion is variable, and you can easily catch on with it if you wish! Having studied all your wishes, Tykafurlux designerwill offer you changes, according to the new trends.